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Stafflane Talent Solutions has launched its training arm – StaffTrain. The idea for this came about from our consultants dealing with multiple companies and their employees and recoginising that certain skills are no longer being prioritised in companies. Skills that could either make or break a deal. Skills that ensure a client wants to do business with the company.
In the market research phase many former clients of companies have expressed they no longer do business or are clients with certain companies due to lack of skills by their employees. Skills such as email or telephone etiquette, listening skills, dealing with upset callers etc that could’ve prevented the loss of a client. Many of these former clients stated that had the employee just listened to them and gave them the impression they were important they may still have been their client. However due to lack of interest, communication and willingness to go the extra mile to assist the client they pulled out and took their business elsewhere.
StaffTrain wants to fill that gap to assist employees in their handling of clients, in handling themselves and boosting their own skills set to firstly ensure they are not the reason a client is lost and secondly to give them the confidence in themselves that they are successful as an employee.

Courses we offer:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem Solving
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership & Management
  • Business Etiquette
  • Communication Skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Email Etiquette
  • Customer Care 101
  • Frontline Skills
  • Worklife Balance
  • Your personal brand
  • Loyalty and Integrity
  • Anger management


1-15 people R500 per person for a 2 hour session

16-30 we will offer a set fee of R7,500 per 2 hours session,

31-50 will be R15,000 per session

51-100 will be R25,000

100+ R50,000 per session


2 hour long session that is hands on, fun, with plenty of practical assessments and games to tie in with the topic. 45min per session within the 2 hours with Q&A session at the end and break in the middle.

This service is for companies and businesses only or for groups of 10 or more private individuals who wish to enrich their skill set.

Contact us on or on 011 827 9252

Please take a look at our Course Overview Video


For Job Seekers we offer the Get THE Job Seminars. 

Stafflane Talent Solutions hosts a Get THE Job Seminar 4 times a year to equip jobseekers with the right tools in order to get noticed above the rest!

In the current economy jobs are scarce, and when a candidate applies for a position they are going up against thousands of others.  This can be a daunting and disappointing task for many and many of these disappointments are not due to lack of experience but due to not making an effort to be noticed to the best of their ability.  Stafflane Talent Solution’s aim is to enable candidates so that they can put their best foot forward, with insider tips on what employers seek.  Many times we see candidates throwing opportunities away based on their job application, interviewing skills, lack of integrity, honesty and urgency and we would like to invite job seekers to attend this seminar to equip them in their job hunt to assist them eliminate the small mistakes many job seekers make.

The Seminar covers the following:

• How to put together a winning CV – be a champion!
• Do’s and Don’ts of Interviews and Job Applications – covering the entire job application process
• How to maximise your online presence – how to get noticed by hiring managers online
• What CEOs are looking for in employees – develop the right soft skills

Coffee and a Muffin to be served.

Ticket includes a Manual.

Please note that attending this seminar does not guarantee a job, it’s a seminar to equip you with the right tools to get noticed by prospective employers.


Feedback from our most recent Get THE Job Seminar held on the 31st March 2017:

Sage: “I learnt how to write a CV and the dress code.  All the topics I needed help with was covered.  I have definitely learnt something new”

Johan: “I learnt about my CV and how to change it accordingly and all areas were covered.  Its good to know the unknown”

Susan: “Had fun” A couple of days later Susan informed us that she had updated her CV and had already received calls from prospective employers!










Watch this space for our next Seminar!

Feedback from our last Seminar held on the 26th August 2016:

Michelle: “The presentation was awesome, warm reception, clean environment, the seminar was educational and was very professionally delivered”

Veronica: ” I learnt how to complete a professional CV as well as the expectations of the Recruiter, how to be a winner and always have the right attitude. What stood out for me was that I must always be professional and put more effort into the job search.  I must be pro-active in my job search.”

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