Have an up to date CV

In recent weeks we have declined a few candidates who answered questions incorrectly, however reverted back to us that they do have that experience and/or qualifications and they didn’t add it to their CV.

It is vitally important that your CV is up to date and detailed. Every qualification you have completed and/or busy completing is important, the computer packages you work on, the experience your have gained including duties and the dates you were in those positions.

Many job seekers don’t realise that when we search for CVs we look for certain keywords that is related to the job spec. If we don’t see them in the CV we ignore and move on.

For example:
Management Accountant with the following
* Completed BCom
* 5 years experience as a Management Accountant

When we search, this is what we are looking for in CVS so if you send us a CV and there is no CIMA mentioned, no BCom mentioned, no experience including your duties or no mention of SAP, we then move on to the next application or CV. And that means, you have lost out. Even if one is missing we move on. We don’t have the time to phone or email every single person who sent us their CV to ask if they have that.

Its YOUR responsibility to ensure your CV is detailed and up to date. Make sure that what is on the advert of a position you are applying for is on.

Please be reminded that Stafflane does offer CV typing services to job seekers. Contact us on info@stafflane.co.za or 011 827 9252