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Stafflane Talent Solutions Office:

Third Avenue

Please take note that due to security reasons, we work on appointment only. Candidates must send us a copy of their CV through email. No appointment = no entry. 

Office:                            +2711 827 9252 (Please no unsolicited marketing calls) 

Mobile:                          +2782 462 4666 (FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY! No Whatsapp Messages                                                please! No Unsolicited marketing calls appreciated and no after hour calls.)
Fax-to-Email:                +2786 575 2645
Email:                    (Please no unsolicited marketing mails)

Office Hours:                Monday – Thursday 08:30 – 16:45

Friday:  08;30 – 16:00 (Third Friday of every month we close at 12:00)

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Register CV

To register your CV please upload a recent and detailed CV in either word or pdf format and you may only do it ONCE. In post title please enter the name of the positions you seek. If you do not do this your application will be overlooked. Please ensure your CV is attached. We cannot assist you without a CV.